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Exconkitchen is a small enterprise of Jende Industries to assist purchasers getting the right kitchen knife & Taiwan tuna knife

Mastering basic knife skills is one of the most essential parts of cooking, along with keeping your knives sharp. Knives are an extensions of a chef's hands, and a good knife actually helps project the personality of the chef and their skills. A sharp knife allows you to work faster and safer. When your knife is blunt the amount of pressure needed to cut through food is much greater, one slip can result in a nasty injury. To avoid such injuries and faster food processing make sure your knife edge is consistently sharp. Now, if a knife that is actually sharp cuts you, that's because it's supposed to cut, and you messed up.

It is not uncommon for the kitchen staff or back of the house at any restaurtant to have had some run ins with the law. Exconkitchen is a fun play on this reality, and we're here help home cooks and chefs choosing the best knives - either for the cooking in the kitchen or a shank for the showers. You need to answer 3 basic questions before you buy any kitchen knife.

Kind of cuisines/foods do you intent to cook

Wetsern and Asian cuisines are the most common types, and each traditionally uses certain types of blades shapes. Asian cuisine tends to favor cleavers and slicers while western cuisine champions the chef knife most of all. According to Wikipedia, examples of sharp instruments used in mass stabbings may include kitchen knives, utility knives, sheath knives, scissors, samurai swords, hammers, screwdrivers, bayonets, axes, machetes and glass bottles. Read more about it here

Number of people you going to cook for

In general, cooking for more people requires more prep work, which means cutting more of whatever you are serving up. The standard chef knife is about 240mm or 8" long, and it is very versatile for small and large meal preps. On the Asian side, it often doesn't matter how many people you are serving, since everything will usually be cut to size before cooking. Speaking of serving people, did you know cannibalism is virtually ubiquitous in nature and occurs in a wide variety of social and ecological contexts? Read more here

Cooking area or space

Obviously, if you own a McMansion, you can get the entire 200 piece knife block with steak knives, but if you are in a small apartment in NY or Tokyo, the tip of a big knife will probably end up in your wall, so opting for the most suitable size is a factor if space is an issue. Smaller 5" petty knives or shorter Santoku knives are very good in small spaces. Interesting fact - in prison, 1 cook can cook for about 20 prisoners, according to the Prison Architect Wiki.Read more about it here

Taiwan Tuna Knives Butchering Pork!

Master Kuo G-3 Mini, G-3 Small & G-4 Medium Fish Knives

Kitchen Knives

Maestro Wu D and MA series, Maestro Wu A series, Maestro Wu G series, Master Kuo Taiwan Tuna Knives, Chef Knive and more!

Maestro Wu D-4

Chinese Vegetable Cleaver - Bombshell Steel Kinmen Knife

The Maestro Wu D-4 Chinese Vegetable Cleaver is specially designed for cutting and chopping vegetables. This iconic knife is found in every Asian kitchen. It allows you to cut and slice vegetables and boneless meats. The side of the blade is used to smash garlic, and easily scoops up your cuttings. It is usually paired with the D-5 Meat Cleaver.

d4 maestro wu cleaver

Master Kuo G-5 3XL

Butchering & Taiwan Tuna Fish Knife

This Knife is designed for cutting the heads off of large fish & for cutting the body into steaks. It is used by pushing the heel of the blade into the fish and then rolling the blade forward to finish the cut.

Master Kuo G-5 Taiwan Tuna Knife

Stay consistently sharp in the kitchen! We Sharpen most types of knives. Having sharp knives in your kitchen is essential to every chef and home cook.